Stop Closing B.C. Salmon Farms
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Canadian salmon farmers feed Canadian families.

Bowing to activist pressure, governments have shut down 40% of modern, sustainable, in-ocean salmon farming production in British Columbia. As a result, salmon prices in many locations have spiked over 20%. And because of the farm closures in B.C., what Canadians can find on grocery shelves is increasingly brought in from other countries. 


Fisheries Minister Joyce Murray continues to push to decimate the B.C. salmon aquaculture industry. She is ignoring Department of Fisheries and Oceans peer-reviewed science, which has found no correlation between salmon farming and the change in wild pacific salmon numbers. Climate change, pollution, and habitat loss are to blame – NOT aquaculture.


Joyce Murray’s actions are also putting thousands of salmon aquaculture jobs at risk in B.C.’s rural, coastal and Indigenous communities, decimating economic opportunities for so many families.


Let Prime Minister Trudeau, Minister Murray, and the Government of Canada know that you need affordable food for your family and you support Canada’s rural, coastal and Indigenous communities. Send this letter and tell the Liberal government in Ottawa to stop shutting down B.C. salmon farms.


Thank you for your support and please share this widely across your network. 


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Justin Trudeau <Prime Minister>

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Chrystia Freeland <Deputy Prime Minister>

Marc Miller <Minister of Crown–Indigenous Relations>

Patty Hajdu <Minister of Indigenous Services>

Gudie Hutchings <Minister of Rural Economic Development>

Seamus O'Regan <Minister of Labour>

David Eby <Premier of British Columbia>

François-Philippe Champagne <Minister of Innovation, Science and Industry>

Mary Ng <Minister of International Trade>

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My name is <first_name> <last_name> and I live in <electoral_district>.

It is getting harder and harder to afford healthy food to feed my family. Canadian salmon farmers feed Canadian families. Modern, sustainable salmon-farms produce healthy and affordable meal options and provide good, year-round jobs for our rural, coastal and Indigenous communities. Fisheries Minister Joyce Murray has been eliminating B.C. salmon farms, making groceries more expensive for Canadian families, and wiping out jobs that are the lifeblood of rural, coastal and Indigenous, communities.

I support modern, sustainable, in-ocean salmon farming in Canada so we can keep fresh, healthy Canadian-raised food affordable for Canadian families.


I am calling on Prime Minister Trudeau and Fisheries Minister Joyce Murray to STOP closing salmon farms in British Columbia.


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